Indiana Leads the US Manufacturing Industry

by the Governing Body
September 15, 2016

For most US citizens, the decline of manufacturing in the US is epitomized by two places, namely Detroit’s abandoned car plants and the desolate steel mills of the City of Gary in Indiana. For tens of years now, the two places have been painful reminders of manufacturing’s demise, caused primarily by the unprecedented impact of globalization and outsourcing that swept the whole world.

In the past half decade though, a surprising thing has been brewing up in Indiana, down south away from the bleak mills of the City of Gary. There, in a vast array of cornfields, you’ll see that there are manufacturing factories for almost every imaginable industry. Indiana is now the country’s leader in manufacturing, and it did so because of the reasons in an infographic by Genesis Plastics Welding:


Manufacturers realized that Indiana has a willing and capable population of workers, so they set up shops across the state, establishing mostly small to medium scale factories. The educated and skillful Hoosiers, combined with advanced manufacturing technology, helped make the factories remain profitable and kept them from moving out of Indiana. It has even managed to lure companies out of other states, like Edsal Manufacturing and T&B Tube that were originally in Illinois. And so now, Indiana manufactures almost anything you may think of, from motor homes to biomedical devices.

Leading A Bright Future Ahead

Manufacturing was responsible for more than 12% of America’s GDP in 2015 — a staggering 2 trillion USD of output. In the same year, manufacturing also accounted for more than 30% of the GDP of Indiana, and it was the largest for the whole country. Furthermore, the state produced around 13,700 manufacturing jobs in the span of the recent twelve months, thus leading the US in terms of manufacturing job growth.

Such growth is actually surprising, because pundits purported during the recession that Indiana’s unemployment rate would increase due to the economic downturn. The predictions didn’t materialized mostly because of the actions of the state government of Indiana — such as tax and regulatory adjustments. And so the key takeaway is that, when business and government leaders work together, the entire community benefits.

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